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Did you know Western New York has had a Disc Golf course since 1980? The Joseph Davis State Park Disc Golf course in Lewiston, NY was built in 1980, four years after the DGA (Disc Golf Association) was founded by Ed Headrick. To say the least, the Western New York Region has been a part of this growing international sport. Recently, there has a been a spike in the number of courses being built within the area. And with the Niagara Region Disc Golf organization becoming established in 1988, Disc Golf had been firmly planted in the Buffalo-Niagara Region and continues to grow.

Throwing a golf disc isn’t exactly the same as throwing a regular frisbee. It takes a little bit more strength and form in order to get the disc to soar the distance you want it to and have the precise accuracy. The discs have different sizes, weights and flight patterns which makes it a little bit more difficult to grasp but it’s still much less frustrating than regular golf. And the best part about Disc Golf is…that it’s free. There may be park entrance fee for some state parks but other than that, playing a course is free admission.

So if you’re looking for something to do after a skate session that’s a bit more laid back while still enjoying a few cold ones, check out disc golf. And fortunately for you, we carry a wide selection of Disc Golf brands including but not limited to Innova Disc Golf, Discmania, Westside Discs and Dynamic Discs. We are one of the few, if not the only local store in Buffalo to carry Disc Golf products besides Dick’s and EMS. So feel free to give us a call (716-837-8743) and ask about our Disc selection or the Disc Golf Courses in the WNY Region. Chances are, we’ve played them.